Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket by Tiny Gifts – Large (60x40”) Wrinkle-Free Growth Photo Backdrop | Thick, Soft (250 GSM) Minky Fleece | 2

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✅ PERSONALIZED PHOTOS, CHERISHED MEMORIES – Baby changes every day, and with our unique blanket you can capture it all by the day, week, or month! We make it easy for you to mark your baby’s age by including 2 BONUS frames. And choose from 2 classic colors: pink and blue!
✅ SOFT & WRINKLE-FREE – Capturing the perfect photo isn’t easy with a squirming baby, and it only gets harder when your backdrop is wrinkle-prone. Skip the iron with our always super-soft and never wrinkly, thick Minky Fleece (250 gsm) blanket! It’s just another way to make the life of a mom a little easier!
✅ ROOM TO GROW – Babies change so quickly, so at Tiny Gifts we created a blanket with that in mind. Measuring 60” x40”, this large blanket has plenty of space for your baby to pose and play as they grow!
✅ UNIQUE BABY SHOWER GIFT – This attractively packaged blanket makes a memorable gift for any mother-to-be! It’s more than just a photo backdrop. It’s a special way to capture fleeting moments and create lasting memories. This is one gift that will withstand the test of time!
✅ MULTIPURPOSE MUST-HAVE – Aside from being an adorable backdrop for pictures, this blanket will also keep your little one cozy in the stroller on chilly days. As your infant transitions to being a toddler, tuck them into their little bed with this special blanket. After months of marking milestones, it will feel like a familiar friend!

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