• LED Strip Lights Music Sync, ESEYE 32.8ft IP65 Waterproof Flexible Self Adhesive Sound Activated RGB 300 LED Tape Light Neon Mood Lights Strip kit for
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LED Strip Lights Music Sync, ESEYE 32.8ft IP65 Waterproof Flexible Self Adhesive Sound Activated RGB 300 LED Tape Light Neon Mood Lights Strip kit for

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? FLEXIBLE LED LIGHTING --- The flexible strip has 300 Epistar RGB LEDs (5050 SMD) with an output of 1104 lumens. LED light strip has a working voltage of 12V and are equipped with short circuit protection and memory function and it can be cut, interconnected and formed to fit your needs. Colors and color modes are adjustable with the hand-held IR remote. IP65 waterproof, extremely low-heat, touchable and safety for children. Our high output LED tape light consumes fewer than 5 watts per foot.
? VARIETY OF USES --- Low-profile and flexible design for a variety of uses.LED strip lights is perfect for task lighting in kitchens or work spaces and for all-around lighting needs. Its 6500K white-blue glow will beautifully transform any architectural space with pleasant light. Ultra-low profile, led strip light can be used anywhere the tape fits, such as under/above/inside cabinets, coves, tray ceilings, shelves and bookcases, music stand lights.Its uses are only limited by your imagination.
? SYNC TO MUSIC --- Using audio frequency filtering technologies, the ESEYE flashes strands of ultra bright LEDs with the beat and intertwined rhythms of music, creating a totally unique music visualization system. Bring your music to life with ultra bright LEDs that flash to the beat of the song, stimulating your senses in a way you have to see to believe. Create a relaxed and atmospheric environment to unwind. Or turn every beat into a light effect and transform any room into a dancefloor.
? CUSTOM LIGHT SETTING --- Dimmable design allows for a custom light setting. You can choose standard 8 colours to trick out your bedroom or living room. Placing them behind furniture like a couch or headboard imparts a playful glow to any space, and eliminates eye strain by placing the light source out of your line of sight. If you put the romote in the sound sensitivity mode then it will bring your strip light to life with numerous colour changes / flashes all in time to the music / sound.
? EASY INSTALLATION --- Including any necessary plugs, connectors, and controllers. Designed for easy, do-it-yourself installation. LED strip lights comes with a ""peel-and-stick"" adhesive backing and ensures long lasting adhesion to any clean, dry, and smooth surface. LED strip lights easy to cut, it can be cut every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks, without damaging the rest strips. but the arrows should be connected on the same line. If not, music changing led strip light won't work.
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